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Welcome To Samvit

Samvit Wellness is a shared collaboration based on the lifetime work of Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin. Samvit Wellness educates health professionals, the consumer and the caregiver on how to integrate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and conventional care with the intention of optimizing people’s health, vitality and quality of life.

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Fight Cancer: Just Add Broccoli Sprouts

Popeye was right about one thing. The good stuff is best eaten raw and green. He just had a different vegetable in mind. Don’t stop eating your spinach, but do add a handful of broccoli sprouts. Why? The magical ingredient is: myrosinase.

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Smart Steps to Keep You Alive (and Well!)

Based on the work of Dr. Norm Shealy. Shealy claims that only five percent of the population do the top three. Shealy said: “You are more likely to ensure long term health if you follow the “smart steps to keep you alive and well.” 

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Top Four Lifestyle Changes to Better Health

According to Dr. Norman Shealy at the International Institute of Holistic Medicine (IIOHM), only about three percent of people have good health habits.    Since partnering with Dr. Shealy, I have seen this confirmed firsthand. We tend to see the ones who are not...
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Back to the Basics. It’s the Basics that Will Save Your Life.

Over the last 15 years, I have practiced Martial Arts. I’ll confess that it’s not a regular practice, but it is one I return to when the opportunity arises. Yes, it’s always a good workout—mentally and physically—but, there is more. What I found interesting from...
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The Healthiest You Recipe: Just Add Water

Reprinted from Hers’ Magazine (Summer 2016) Last year, I had the pleasure of attending a nutritional workshop put on by Dr. Norm Shealy. Shealy is someone who made it his calling to focus on solving chronic pain and depression for his patients, which was unheard of at...
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