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Welcome To Samvit

Samvit Wellness offers a shared collaboration of lifetime work of Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin, combining holistic modalities to achieve the best of mind, body, and spirit alignment.

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Sound Technology To Explore Your Mind's Deeper Potential

Synchonize Your Brain’s Hemispheres and Experience New Mental Powers of Creativity, Concentration and Relaxation…

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Want Better Sleep?
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How to Get Better Sleep Through Easy Brainwave Synchronization: Free Webinar

Are you suffering from poor sleep and want a natural solution to finally feeling fully rested and rejuvinated? Join Dr. Sergey Sorin and Allyn Evans for a one hour special online webinar all about how to get the best sleep of your life using natural and safe brainwave synchronization!


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Unlock Untapped Power Within Your Mind With Nothing More Than A Pair of Headphones!

Have You Experienced The Revolutionary Hemi-Sync Technology Yet?

  • It couldn’t be any easier! Just put on some headphones, turn on the perfect Hemi-Sync for the moment and relax!
  • Reawaken the uninhibited creativity you had as a child and experience the joy of pure creative expression!
  • Neutralize any negative emotions and patterns holding you back. Feel light, happy, and excited about life again!
  • Tune your brain into deeply restorative sleep even if your life schedule is hectic. You will feel fully rested and ready to take on each days opportunities with full alertness!
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