Higher human potential through research, education, products and healing

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We are a wellness organization focused on developing and unlocking your highest potential. A shared collaboration between Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin, both holistic physicians utilizing traditional medical and “complementary and alternative” modalities to address the person as a “whole.”

We utilize tools including hemi-sync and Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) sound technology to enhance states of awareness. Samvit Wellness offers a variety of programs including Hospice, (support for patient caregiver and loved ones), The Monroe Institute certified Outreach Excursion, Advanced Exploration, Energy Healing (Reiki) and Crystal Healing courses. We are continuously learning and exploring methods to obtain optimal health and well-being.

Through Samvit Wellness programs, you will learn techniques for pain management, relaxation, concentration, stress management, improved sleep, increased awareness, and unlock the amazing potential of you.