Hemi-Sync®, or rather a sound technology using binaural beats, has been researched for over 50 years.

What we love about the technology is that there are so many practical applications—as many applications as there are functions of the brain.

Every member of the Samvit Wellness team, including me, makes it a daily habit to include it in our lives.

How do I use it?

While I sleep, relax, meditate or concentrate. Let’s face it. I really like the stuff. But more importantly, I am completely convinced that it benefits me.


Just for starters, I believe it helped lower my physical reaction to stress.

Although I am not an anxious person, I have noticed that over time I have become even less anxious. Things happening around me have a more difficult time “rocking my boat.”

Until this year, I have always lived in “tornado alley” places. You might think living there numbs one a bit and tones down the “freak out” mode. And, I’m sure it does. But, when the dang thing is over your house. That is a game changer. Because all it has to do is drop down and well, ‘nuf said.

In May 2011, I was at my house in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The tornado sirens blared. A voice over our emergency system said: “Take cover immediately.” I had already stocked the half bath in the hallway with a radio, a few pillows. It was the only interior room in our house. I called our three dogs and told my daughter to join me. I noticed how calm I was, but didn’t give it more thought. Within a few minutes of being in the bathroom, the radio emergency broadcaster announced: “Tornado spotted over Country Club and 19th.” Hello! That is where we were! In that moment, I realized all that had to happen was for the tornado to touch down. And my life would be changed forever.

Then, I realized: “Hey, wait a minute. I am close to death and/or destruction and I am calm. Why am I calm?”

I flashed back to a month before when I had had surgery. I had been listening to Hemi-Sync before I arrived. And I had it worked out that I could listen during surgery and post-op. The nurse was checking my vitals and she said to me: “You are the most relaxed person I have ever seen that is about to have surgery. I am having trouble finding your pulse.”

In 2015. I attended a workshop offered by Dr. Norm Shealy. He had us wear small thermometers on our index fingers to measure our “physical” stress. Even before we started the exercises designed to help us de-stress, I am hanging out in the “not stressed” zone. Dr. Shealy said: “If your temperature is below 90 degrees, you are physically stressed. If your temperature is below 85, then you want to be taking action to lower your stress levels. Dr. Shealy believes stress is a major contributor to many diseases. I do too.

My temperature pre-stress reduction exercises was above 90. Afterwards, I was hanging around 100 degrees, which was atypical.

I have had numerous workshop participants who continued to use Hemi-Sync tell me they were able to stop taking their anxiety medications. Of course, they did this under their primary health care provider’s supervision.

Other indicators for me…

I sleep through the night even when things in my world are upside down.

And if I do wake up in the middle of the night, I can solve that problem by hitting the play button starting my Hemi-Sync Meditation exercise. Works like a charm every single time.

Personally, I believe that by lowering my physical reaction to stress, I am helping myself avoid stress related diseases and conditions including premature aging.

Want to know more about how it works, read a previous blog post I wrote about how Hemi-Sync works.

Allyn Evans