The Human Biofield

The Biofield Viewer is a new and evolving technology that has grown out of research in fields such as subtle energy medicine.  The Biofield Viewer is a computerized image enhancement system that captures patterns and colors of reflected visible and infra-red light from the skin surface that are not normally visible to the naked eye.  Research at the Center for Biofield Sciences suggests these images are similar to those seen by intuitives who see ‘auras’ , providing for the first time a demonstrable link between conventional medical imaging and these subtle phenomena.

Before and after photo of biofield energy improvement around Dr. Brian Dailey's throat after crystal healing treatment.

Above left: Pink energy collects around throat with Pharyngitis. Above right: Energy improves dramatically after crystal healing

What is the human biofield?

The Human Biofield is a scientifically demonstrated and measured bio-photon emission and absorption associated with physical, mental, and energetic aspect of living organisms.

What can I learn about my health from biofield viewing?

The benefits of the Biofield Viewer are multiple, including possible early detection and real time assessment of multiple well-being concerns of the human being (as well as other living organisms). These include physical, mental, emotional and other aspects. Another major benfit of human biofield viewing is that it provides an additional method for measuring the real-time effects of therapies and interventions by healthcare professionals and healers.

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