Does Hemi Sync work? Yes, the proof is in the pudding! Hemi-Sync®, or rather a sound technology using binaural beats, has been researched for over 50 years.

It’s an important question and one worth asking again. Does Hemi-Sync work? We believe so and the research backs up our opinion. What we love about the technology is that there are so many practical applications—as many applications as there are functions of the brain.

Every member of the Samvit Wellness team, including me, incorporates the use of the sound technology into their lives. Some of us make it a daily habit, including me.

How do you use it?

While I sleep, I play Super Sleep on an iPod deck on repeat for up to three cycles and not more than four. I place it at the foot of my bed. Why do I do this? I don’t want to wear headsets while sleeping and so placing the iPod deck at the foot or at the head of the bed helps direct the frequencies (allowing for one frequency to go in the direction of one ear and another to the opposite ear). Super Sleep is designed to help facilitate a good’s night sleep and simply described helps you go to the state of delta during the time one needs to do that during a sleep cycle. There’s also Sleep Deeply, which sounds more like a white noise machine that many people use as an aid while sleeping or studying to drown out external noises.

During the day and usually when not traveling, I play a selection called: Concentration. It sounds like a fan blowing to me and I loop it for continuous play while I work. If I am alone working, I will play it over an iPod deck. But, if the place is noisy, I will put on headsets for a more effective experience. The Concentration title helps one reach a more focused state, which can help with studying, mundane tasks and/or work productivity.

I make a goal everyday to spend time meditating. That doesn’t always work out. But, if it does, there are numerous selections to use based on your intention and preference. Personally, I enjoy anything by Patty Ray Avalone. My favorites of hers are the Positively Ageless and Inner States series.

Back to the initial question …

How do I know it works?

There are numerous independent studies available to read. To find a short listing, visit the Monroe Products website. The Monroe Institute also has an organized listing of research articles. You’ll also find anecdotal reports as well, which means people, doctors, medical practitioners and therapists sharing personal results and experiences of themselves or their patients. Although, not considered scientifically valid, there is still value in these reports, especially if the individual reporting such has nothing to gain by sharing. Gari Carter, someone who survived a near fatal car accident, is an excellent example of this. She used Hemi-Sync to help her get through a decade of re-constructive surgeries. She also was able to use Hemi-Sync and forego anesthesia during some of the surgeries.

To read Gari Carter’s amazing story, click on the link. You might enjoy a talk she gave recently at the Monroe Institute (Professional Division) in March 2016.

Like I said: “Yes, it works. The proof is in the pudding!”

Allyn Evans