My trip to see Dr. Sharon Forrest was a quick one. I arrived after 5:00 p.m. on Friday and was on a return flight by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday. The trip was everything I thought it would be. I must warn you, though, I am easy to please. I tend to show up without expectations.

Because of what I had witnessed at a workshop we had hosted in Naples, I wanted to attend. Out of all the workshops that Dr. Forrest could have selected around the world, she had selected ours. Even though Dr. Forrest and I communicated numerous times before her arrival, I had no real understanding of the work she had done. I would learn about that later as our four-day class progressed.

Dr. Forrest, an experienced workshop leader and healer, was an excellent student. She was gracious, respectful, but also helpful. She was an active, eager participant in our experience.

At our workshop during our experiential activities, I witnessed things with my own eyes that I had never seen before. I witnessed physical manifestations of people healing. Every time this happened, Dr. Forrest was involved.

I knew that needed I to see more. I also couldn’t put out of my mind the idea that I wanted to go see her in Miami. The only problem, the cost of the airline tickets was insane. Intensifying my desire to go was the fact that Dr. Forrest shared with us in Naples that she was retiring after this year. Her schedule was filling up quickly. I made a leap of faith and booked her to come to Rochester before I had attended her workshop as a participant. You know, smart people check out things before they jump. Darn, I tend to jump first and think later. This time, it worked in my favor.

Back to the story …

Ever diligent, and not ready to give up … I continued to check for better prices. Dr. Forrest’s workshop fees were reasonable and so, that helped, but also supported my knowing that she was hanging out on the side of service rather than profit. Eventually, my own miracle happened. I found inexpensive tickets and booked my flight. It was February 17th that I arrived after 5:00 p.m. My dear friend and workshop collaborator, Lenka Spiska, picked me up. And, we headed out on our adventure.

The problem with asking me to give you feedback about physical healings or changes is that I don’t have physical issues to solve, well, at least that is my perception. And, although, I cannot tell you that something happened (my back stopped hurting or my knees no longer ache), I know something happened. I witnessed it. I experienced it.

Dr. Forrest is coming to Rochester, NY in June. We have limited privates with her (in addition to her lectures) and well, I am apologetic when I admit that I am taking one of those spots. I am paying full price, just like you would do. I believe that Dr. Forrest is an amazing vehicle for healing and she has time after time showed others how to do the same.

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Allyn Evans
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Why listen to me? Because I teamed up with two MDs who believe being vital and healthy involves the whole person—body, mind and emotions. Let's just say, I am their mouth piece when it comes to getting the word out about all good practices in complimentary and alternative medicine. Besides that, I am a published author, former newspaper columnist, regular contributor for Hers Magazine, former college lecturer and long-time workshop facilitator. And let's not forget, I also work on special projects for the International Institute of Holistic Medicine and Dr. Norm Shealy.