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Egyptian Numerology with Sharon Forrest

June 26, 2017

Free - $225.00

Egyptian Numerology is an amazing tool
for self-discovery and empowerment

Learn the Attributes and Characteristics for
Each of Your Numbers

It is Ancient Egyptian Numerology which shows every aspect of a person and is a very handy tool for healers to use as a quick way of knowing the best way of applying any form of healing.

During this workshop you will learn how to determine your Egyptian Numbers, journey back through time to understand why your major life lessons have appeared, transform through the Law of Grace and recognize the Divine purpose of painful experiences and relationships in order to heal them.

Join us June 26, 2017 (9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.) 
$200 for the day/$225 with lunch and dinner

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Learning your numbers and interpreting the meaning can
be a means to take your power back.

When you do the work on the inside with Sharon Forrest
it shows on the outside!


What you will learn how to:

1. Name four aspects in which Egyptian Numerology can be successfully implemented in one’s personal life and with clients, if desired.

2. Calculate four core numbers using one’s birth date.

3. Compare and contrast the spectrum of each Egyptian number from 1-9 plus learn more about the master numbers.

4. Uncover how the numbers apply in one’s personal life, a loved one’s life, or a client’s life.

5. Quickly and effectively ascertain the underlying core beliefs contributing to the presenting predicament.

6. Uncover one’s main life lessons and find a roadmap to help one get on the right track.

Dr. Sharon Forrest will also talk about examples of mental, emotional
and health
 predicaments and the correlating Egyptian numbers.

According to Dr. Forrest: “Egyptian Numerology radically changed my life. After learning the system and then paying attention to the meaning behind it, I founded two hospitals and survived phenomenal ‘personal growth experiences.’ This led me to become fully engaged with my life while finding meaning and purpose in what I pursued.”

We choose to come into this life carrying the numeric vibration from our birth date. These vibrational patterns affect our personality, who we are, the circumstances in our life and the soul lessons we are here to learn. Calculated from your date of birth, Egyptian Numerology reveals four numbers that affect your personality on a day-to-day basis, three of the four are defined below.

Soul’s Path
Propels you into the path you are to take in this lifetime

Karmic Lesson
The issue you find hardest to overcome in this lifetime

Soul’s Purpose
What your soul is has been trying to accomplish

With this information you have an opportunity to:

Be reassured that you are on the right path
Learn from the past and make healthier choices
Help heal negative life patterns causing you pain
Gain insights and an understanding of your soul’s journey

The Teacher:


Dr. Sharon Forrest, an amazing healer and spiritual teacher based in Canada and Peru has shared this ancient information based on old, faded parchment discovered through a friend’s family. There are currently no books available on the subject. What you will love about Egyptian Numerology is that it is much less complicated than other perspectives and gets right to the point with valuable information on your soul’s journey!


June 26, 2017
Free - $225.00
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