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Sound Medicine: How to Use Sound Technology to Relieve Pain, Heal Faster and Sleep Better

July 28, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - July 31, 2016 @ 2:00 pm EDT

Learn how you can use up to 4.5 times less pain
medicine, heal quicker and relax deeper so you sleep
soundly all night when you attend this new weekend
course taught by Samvit Wellness co-founder Brian Dailey MD and Samvit President Allyn Evans, MBA. 

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Sound Medicine: How to Use Sound Technology to
Relieve Pain, Heal Faster and Sleep Better 

Everyone wants to feel great all the time, but at some points in life we’re simply healthier than at others. The reasons for this vary. It could be because of an illness, injury or even recovery from a surgery. Other times we can feel blessed to have no particular ailment, and yet still feel stressed out or rundown due to stress and other factors in our lives. And if the days aren’t challenging enough, sometimes nights can be just as bad or worse, keeping you from waking up refreshed and ready to start another day.

Why It’s So Challenging

In an ideal world you’d visit your doctor or other health care practitioner, tell them what’s wrong and have them fix you the same way a mechanic fixes a car. But in the real world even when they do all they can for you and even when you do everything they suggest, you still don’t sleep well, you ache with pain, endure slow recovery times, suffer relapses and face other difficulties that can prolong your treatment no matter how motivated you are to improve your health.

Plus some treatments can have side effects or leave you dependent on the medicine for managing your condition. No matter how you slice it, there are times when even the most advanced medical care in the world isn’t a magic wand to make you feel better.

It’s Nobody’s Fault

One of the biggest underlying reasons for your body’s slow recovery time has to do with you not being able to relax your mind and body enough to allow the healing process to run its natural course. But it’s not your “fault.”

Pain and stress naturally cause our muscles to tighten and our minds to react in defensive ways as we struggle with the dis-ease we’re feeling. As a result, even the best medical treatments and the most skillfully applied therapies lose some portion of their effectiveness.

While the mind body connection is now well understood by medical science, finding and receiving treatments that take this into account isn’t as easy as it should be. But that doesn’t mean you need to rely on outdated remedies or merely suffer though, thinking you have no other options.

The Samvit Solution

Dr. Dailey and Ms. Evans have drawn on decades of clinical and training experience to specifically design a three-day workshop (July 28-31, 2016) to help return people to the driver’s seat in their own healing process.

They’ll introduce you to the most effective ways sound healing technology can be combined with virtually any conventional and alternative medical treatments to manage pain, reduce anxiety and depression, speed healing and recovery from medical procedures and improve prolonged treatment experiences such as during cancer treatment, as well as how it can be used to enhance sleep and relaxation.

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Meet Gretchen

The training in the course arises directly from Dr. Dailey’s years of positive experiences combining binaural beat technology with conventional treatments. As an example, Dr. Dailey describes a cancer patient he worked with.

“Gretchen had received chemo the day before and was having a severe reaction to it. When I got there, she had been kneeling in front of the toilet for several hours, retching violently. She was weak, pale, and dehydrated. She was placed in bed, the headphones were slipped into place, and she listened to Chemotherapy Companion, a Hemi-Sync title specifically created to alleviate reactions to chemotherapy,” Dailey recalls.

“Forty-five minutes later, Gretchen awoke and said, ‘That was awesome!’ She looked and felt much better. After one more brief episode of vomiting, she reporting feeling fine. She ate lunch without difficulty, even though she had not eaten for twelve hours. The further good news is that she had little or no problem with chemotherapy after that,” he says.

To learn more about how Dr. Dailey helped Gretchen you can watch a short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dmFXkUIhfU

Course Highlights Include

  • How to Use Sound for Healing – How to effectively use innovative sound technology to bring the deep relaxation your body needs to release stress, relieve pain, and ease into restorative sleep.
  • Why It Works – While the workshop focuses on practical treatments you can perform yourself, it also explains the science behind it so you’ll truly understand how and why your brain and body are affected by binaural beats.
  • What It Feels Like – Learning with your mind is essential for understanding, but learning with your body is fundamental for knowing. Which is why you’ll enjoy three days of direct “ears on” experience to ensure you experience—and know—the benefits firsthand.
  • When to Use It – Because it is an audio technology, it’s safe to use in combination with almost any other conventional or alterative medical treatment, however for best effect you need to when to use it and how often.

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Who Should Attend?

Individuals – Anyone seeking to feel healthy and sleep better.

Caretakers – Anyone who is caring for or helping another person as they deal with a medical condition and progress through a healing process.

Medical Health Professionals and Massage Therapists – The workshop provides valuable CEU /CME II 16 hours for professionals who require continuing education credits.

In short, this course is for you if you or someone you care for is:

  • Suffering pain associated with illness, injury or recovery.
  • Experiencing side effects from conventional medical treatments, such as those from cancer treatments, autoimmune disorders, or chronic pain.
  • Seeking stress relief that fits with a busy lifestyle
  • Facing any type of sleep challenge that leaves you feeling less than rested in the morning
  • Feel called to teach others about the benefits of using sound technology to promote health.

Dr. Brian Dailey says, “The course is the first of its kind to provide accredited continuing education units for health care professionals in the use of sound healing technology, but it’s open to everyone who is interested, whether they’re medical practitioners, therapists, body workers, health technicians or anyone who wants to learn new ways to use Hemi-Sync to improve their health.”

Meet the Trainers

Founded in 2013 Samvit Wellness is a holistic, integrative medical organization formed by Dr. Brian Dailey, Dr. Sergey Sorin and Allyn Evans. Samvit Wellness has presented workshops around the globe, including such places as: Europe, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Grenada, South America and Indonesia.

Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE (University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry-URMC) trained in Surgery at SUNY at Stonybrook, NY. He is board certified in Emergency and Forensic Medicine. He served as an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, Laser Safety Officer, Clinical Instructor in Surgery and in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (URMC) until 2003. He is a third degree Reiki Master.

Allyn Evans, MBA is President and Program Director for Samvit Wellness. A former consultant and residential trainer for The Monroe Institute, she is a speaker, published author, former newspaper columnist and former university professor. An experienced business executive, she earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing. She offers sound technology, nutrition and health, and related workshops in the United States and abroad.

“We promote well-vetted complementary and alternative medicine therapies, including sound technology and energy medicine, to enhance healing and overall well-being,” says Allyn. “We’re excited about the ways it can and does help people improve their quality of life.”

To register for the course …

If you’d rather call, please contact Tammy Matheny at 434-361-1500. The cost will be $750 and includes room and board, ride to and from the airport (if needed) and all supplies.





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