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Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas (May 2018) - Samvit Wellness

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Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini Bahamas (May 2018)

May 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am - June 2, 2018 @ 5:00 pm EDT

swimming with wild dolphins

Join Samvit Wellness May 27th – June 2nd, 2018 for an experience of a lifetime and swim with dolphins in the wild!

Join Kathleen Livingston, certified Passion Test Facilitator, and Allyn Evans, Program Director of Samvit Wellness in Bimini, Bahamas. Dr. Brian Dailey will also be joining us for the week.

To find out how to pre-register, keep reading.

To reserve your spot, you’ll need to make a small down payment of $400. We’d prefer to have you mail a check, but if you prefer to make your deposit by credit card, we can send you a secure means via email to do so. 

The Wildquest team will not have the reservation system set up for 2018 until after September 2017. That is why we are requesting checks for the pre-registration at this time. However, we can also work with credit cards if that is your preference. 

If you have questions, please feel free to email me (allyn at samvitwellness . org). I am happy to arrange a time to visit by phone too. It’s a great trip and I would love you to share it with us. You can also call Kathleen (630.297.2668) or me (405.612.7782). 

If you are thinking, “Yes, I am going to do this and want to reserve my spot,” then email me and I will provide you a mailing address to send your down payment or a means to pay via credit card. 

Below are a few more details about the trip and costs. 

You will spend 5 days on the beautiful island of Bimini. Each day we will be on a catamaran in search of wild dolphins.

The Passion Test workshop will be presented over the course of the week and will be enhanced by the addition of a patented sound technology called Hemi-Sync®, which allows you to go into meditative states where both hemispheres of the brain may become entrained and function simultaneously like dolphins and whales. Hemi-Sync exercises will be introduced to enhance your ability to explore, create and manifest. You will discover the tools and secrets to manifest your true heart’s desires and break through barriers and blocks that may be holding you back from living your dream life. Kathleen is also a certified yoga instructor and will be teaching morning yoga. These classes are geared toward all levels of experience, including those new to yoga or advanced.

This retreat is all about Living your Passions and living life on a deeper more abundant level.

For specific details, keep reading. 

The overall price is: $1,795. After paying the $400, you will owe $1,395 by 60 days before the trip. Additional costs you will incur: 

  1. Your travel expenses to and from Ft. Lauderdale
  2. Your flight to and from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini
  3. Snorkel rental ($25 for the week)
  4. Wildquest Crew tip
  5. Tips ($1 or $2) for water and land taxis. Except for your ride to and from the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport upon your arrival, all transportation to and from places is covered by your tuition.  
  6. Dinner out (the first night of your arrival) and on Wednesday (on the island). The rest of your meals are covered and also are delicious, by the way!
  7. Exiting and Airport tax. These require cash and are approximately $60. We’ll get more details about the exact amount closer to our departure. 
  8. You might wish to bring extra money for shopping, getting a massage and purchasing the amazing video/photos from our trip taken by one of the Wildquest owners. 

In September 2017, Wildquest (the company that is hosting us), will have our event on their website. Their website will list all the details at that time. 

Again, if this sounds like a must-do trip for you, email me (allyn at samvitwellness . org) and I will answer all your questions and provide you with the means to secure your spot. The Wildquest team will not have the reservation system set up for 2018 until after September. That is why we are requesting checks for the pre-registration. However, we can also work with credit cards if that is your preference. 

A testimonial by Dr. Brian Dailey who attended for the first time in June 2016. 

The greatest experience in our lives for my wife Margie and myself! Located Bimini, Bahamas, WildQuest has been doing this > 17 years, and have it honed to perfection.

WildQuest arranges the water and land taxis (included in price) so you just focus on “Island time”. Accommodations are pleasant, we had the ocean view rooms 10 feet from the water, the other side is 20 feet from the water. Rooms were comfortable and air conditioned (we used the air conditioner only at night, made for wonderful sleeping). Food is outstanding, made fresh every day. Max makes an incredible breakfast. One morning eggs per request, I had the most perfect “over easy” eggs in a life time, with toasted homemade bread, and fresh fruit (Papaya, Kiwi, Pineapple, perfectly ripe). He made “Czech toast” (French toast, but several people were Czech, so he honored them) which was mouthwatering.

Lunch is made at 9:15 AM, and “you make your own” for on the boat. Multiple choices include several salads made that morning, with multiple toppings to choose from (carrots, mushrooms, celery, sprouts, pickles, etc. 15+). Sandwiches? How about 2 kinds of homemade bread along with traditional multigrain, Tandoor bread, etc. Multiple coldcuts (ham, turkey, etc.). Multiple cheeses you can slice or dice. Fresh hard boiled eggs. You place your lunch in a plastic container, which is placed in a cooler, and then between 1-2 PM the feast begins. You work up a great appetite swimming with dolphins, and I ravenously devoured each delicious lunch. Dressings are provided on the boat and include traditional bottled dressings, but Rumpoon makes an outstanding lemon and herb based Tahini dressing fresh every day that 90% of us used on our salads. Dinner is wonderful as well, multicourse and each night different and unique. Our last night Tara made an incredible fresh fish soup for an appetizer. Thank goodness she made a large quantity because we all returned for multiple servings. Almas made an incredible dinner of Indian dishes the night before that was mouthwatering. Allergies? No problem. My wife has severe allergies to coconut and peanuts, and Tara prepared separate Indian dishes without coconut and peanuts for Margie. A wonderful change from “sorry, you will need to eat elsewhere”. Desserts were homemade, and delicious as well. Here’s the amazing part – with all the swimming with the dolphins, when I got home despite eating like a glutton I had lost some weight!

The best part was swimming with dolphins, who are sentient beings. They are intelligent and playful. The 40-foot Catamaran Dolphin Quest is a wonderful boat for dolphin seeking. It is roomy and comfortable. We would slip quietly into the water and swim among them, and though wild dolphins, they welcomed us. 

They were close, usually 6 feet or less, many times 1 foot away or even less. The best part, Captain Atmos is also a photographer and videographer, and took pictures and video of everyone throughout our stay “so you don’t have to take pictures and worry about a camera, and can focus on enjoying your experience”. Great advice. I brought an underwater camera and took one picture the whole trip. For a nominal fee they give you a thumb drive with several hundred photos and a beautifully edited video with music of our experience. The best part it included all the new friends Margie and I made there. Sweet! The experience is transformative, for both Margie, my wife and myself. On my deathbed, when I pass, this will be one of the first memories in my life review. Awesome! What are you waiting for!

Room Tip: Bay View rooms are nice and only a slightly higher cost.



Allyn Evans
info at samvitwellnes .org


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