The other day I was getting my New York State vehicle sticker and in the waiting room at the Chevrolet place, the Dr. Oz Show was playing. I tend not to watch daytime TV, but do usually learn something of value when I do happen to catch Dr. Oz. This day was no different.

Before I share his Food Expiration Cheat Sheet

And yes, I printed it and have it on my refrigerator now. I wanted to also share that Dr. Oz recommends that his surgical patients use Hemi-Sync, specifically according to Dr. Brian Dailey, he recommends the Surgical Support Series.

Now to the Food Expiration Cheat Sheet

And here’s one more hint … this one is from me. If you are wondering about your eggs don’t just automatically throw them out. Fill up a bowl with water. Then drop your eggs into the bowl. If your eggs float, then throw them away. If your eggs sinks and lay flat on their sides, the eggs are fine and dandy! If the eggs stands on their ends, the eggs are still okay to eat.

Allyn Evans