So … how do you get better sleep? And, your probably thinking … “Yeah, right, in your dreams.”

My Personal Story … Yep, I got one of those.

By the time I hit my late-40’s, I realized my sleeping patterns were all messed up. I was waking up every three hours, which I attributed to aging and my bladder. I was wrong about the bladder!

A funny thing happened on the way to figuring out how to have a better night’s sleep, I completely solved my sleep challenges!

I learned about Hemi-Sync®, an inexpensive state of the art technology that facilitated deep relaxation, sleep and pain management. I was intrigued. At first, I didn’t even think about using it to solve my sleep challenges. But, then I connected the dots and started using Super Sleep, an inexpensive fix … under $20. 

What did I do?

I made it a practice to listen to it every night. I noticed over time (it did take about three months), that my sleeping patterns were improving. I found that I regularly slept for five hours straight without waking up or becoming aware. This streak continued for several years.

I continued my practice and added Laminine, an essential food. I am only sharing this detail, because it is something I added and it might have had an impact on helping me extend my sleeping time. Laminine has been studied and “promotes a more restful sleep.

About a year ago, I realized I was sleeping six to seven hours some nights and over the next few months, it became my regular pattern. And now, it is usually seven to eight hours straight!

Last night after returning from a long trip to the west coast and apparently needing the rest, I slept nine hours without waking up!

Yep, for me Super Sleep works! 

Please note: It can take up to three months of listening consistently to correct your sleep patterns.

How Do You Use It?

Super Sleep – Use this exercise and loop it throughout the night. Looping all night is not something we recommend for long-term use. But to get things started … you can do that initially.

It is best played all night by using an iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, computer, CD player or similar. You can project the sound by using an iPod or MP3 desk, if you are using something besides a CD player or computer.  For ideal effect, if you are not using headsets, which can be uncomfortable, you can have speakers on either side of your bed or place the playing device at the head or foot of your bed. To ensure the exercise loops continually, you can do this by using the repeat button or feature. 

Once you get use to this routine and feel like your sleep cycle is improving, then you need to change what your doing a little bit! You need to run Super Sleep for only up to 3 cycles at one time so that you will encourage more REM sleep in the later parts of your sleep cycle. The way I do this is I load Super Sleep three times in one playlist and let it cycle through my playlist. It stops when done. If you are not sure how to do this on your particular device, do what I always do. Google it!

Super Sleep helps you produce the natural brain-wave patterns of the delta sleep state and enjoy the benefits of totally refreshing, deeply restorative sleep.

There is more to my story …

Just like everyone on the planet, I do have times that I simply can’t fall back asleep. Maybe, I am not being Zen about something or I wake up thinking about my to-do list. Before I go to bed, I make sure I have a charged iPod with my noise-cancelling headsets plugged in. I make sure the selection is already ready to go so that if I do need to listen in the middle of the night, it will take very little effort to start listening. If you can avoid turning on lights or having to go look for your iPod or headsets, the easier you will return to sleep.

What Selection Do I Use?

Hemi-Sync® Meditation always knocks me out. If I wake back up because I am wearing headsets, then I quietly and slowly slip off my headsets and return to sleep again with ease. 

Hemi-Sync® Meditation is also very good for relaxation and meditation.

Hemi-Sync® Meditation as described by Monroe Products, this selection is an extraordinary meditative tool. The deeply relaxing sound patterns of Hemi-Sync® Meditation will gently lead you into powerful, free-flow explorations and leave you centered, focused and totally refreshed.

Tell me more about Hemi-Sync … (Hint, hint: Click the link to the left)


Allyn Evans