We are a huge fan of Dr. Norman Shealy, one of the world’s leading experts in pain and depression management and the first physician to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain.

Yes, we take notice when he endorses someone or a product.

In a recent newsletter he recommended a program titled: Pain Free Living offered by Laya Raznick.  It is a free series and includes interviews of who she considers the top practitioners in functional medicine and holistic health.

Laya gathered the top practitioners in functional medicine and holistic health. These pioneers are defining a new way to practice medicine. Rather than treating symptoms, the new medicine model focuses on optimal function of the whole body. This is the key to pain relief.

Those who practice holistic medicine treat the whole system and not just symptoms.According to Dr. C. Norman Shealy, when it comes to body, mind, and spirit, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s because the health of each relies on and contributes to the other. And when body-mind-spirit is integrated through a view of holistic care, the whole can flourish.

If you or someone you know is dealing with chronic pain, you might want to check out the free interview series developed by Laya Raznick.

To sign up, visit:  http://layaraznick.com/PFLNormShealy

Dr. Shealy will be interviewed on January 30, 2017.

This series is for you if:

* medical treatment has not resolved your pain
* you’ve been diagnosed by CT scan or an MRI and you’re still suffering
* pain meds are no longer helping
* you’ve tried everything and you don’t know where to turn

Here’s what you will learn:

* how your brain chemistry can increase or reduce your pain
* why finding the root cause of your pain is the key to pain relief
* which foods, supplements and heat therapies will reduce your pain
* how movement can heal chronic inflammation
* additional highly effective methods and techniques

Allyn Evans