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Enjoy the restorative benefits of a good night’s rest with Sound Sleeper. On Track/Side 1, verbal guidance relaxes you while Hemi-Sync ®  sound patterns guide you into a totally refreshing Delta sleep. Track/Side 2 features soothing sound effects embedded with Hemi-Sync to continue your deep sleep cycle. You may wish to experiment with each Track/Side separately, or play the entire title continuously. Use ear buds, headphones or speakers placed on either side of the bed.


Equipment Needs: There are numerous ways to play the CDs and/or MP3 files. It can be as simple as playing it on a CD player. Most people like to download the CD and/or the MP3 file to an iPod, MP3 player, tablet, computer or their smart phone.

It is also recommended to use headphones to listen to the exercises, especially in the beginning except for the sleep CDs/MP3 files. The headphones do not have to be expensive or sophisicated. Earbuds can work just as well. Some people like to use noise cancelling headsets to help block out external noise. If someone is using the technology for sleep enhancement or when they are lying down, they might prefer to either purchase a headband with earbuds or make their own headband with earbuds. Pillows with earbuds are also available to help direct the sound to the right and left ear appropriately. There are others who will put speakers on either side of their bed or head for the same impact.

If you are downloading a file to iTunes or similar media player, you need to make sure you have the correct settings to maintain the integrity of the file.

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