Oncology Module for Caregiver: Hemi-Sync Nap, Super Sleep, Journey Home, Transforming Life’s Challenges

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As a caregiver, you are under much stress and have high demands on your time and energy. This can be exhausting. This is why we have created this special Hemi-Sync bundle for dedicated caretakers who need as much quality rest and rejuvenation as they can get.

If you want better sleep, even if it’s a short nap, then this bundle with deliver amazing results for you. Dr Brian and Dr Sorin personally use these audios to ensure they are well rested for their medical duties. Listen, relax, and enjoy the best sleep of your life!


What’s Included in This Bundle

If You Need a Power Nap

Hemi-Sync Nap ($19.95 value)—This exercise was originally created to help mothers of newborns who needed to rest for short periods of time while their babies were sleeping. It did not take long for others to discover it and to use it. In our opinion Hemi-Sync is more effective than a power nap, a term coined by Social Psychologist James Maas at Cornell University, suggesting an individual can effectively supplement normal sleep taking short naps during the day, which are typically less than 15 minutes. Hemi-Sync, an exercise that lasts thirty minutes, is designed to help individuals complete a full sleep cycle in a compressed format, which normally averages 90 minutes. This exercise is verbally guided, narrated by Bob Monroe and is designed to provide the opportunity to obtain deeply restorative rest.

This exercise is effective when flying, studying, nursing, recovering from surgery or during times when, for whatever reason, one isn’t able to complete a full night’s sleep.  It can be highly effective to repeat the exercise for two rounds of listening, if there is more than thirty minutes available to nap, and especially if one only slept for a few sleep cycles the previous evening (such as on an early morning flight that is over an hour). You can ask to swap out for the verbal selection, if you prefer not to hear a voice. It’s the same frequencies without words. Catnapper ($19.95 value). 

For a Goodnight’s Sleep 

Super Sleep ($19.95 value) – Use this exercise and loop it throughout the night. Looping all night is not something we recommend for long-term use. But to get things started … you can do that initially.
It is best played all night by using an iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, computer, CD player or similar. You can project the sound by using an iPod or MP3 desk, if you are using something besides a CD player or computer. For ideal effect, if you are not using headsets, which can be uncomfortable, you can have speakers on either side of your bed or place the playing device at the head or foot of your bed. To ensure the exercise loops continually, you can do this by using the repeat button or feature.

Once you get use to this routine and feel like your sleep cycle is improving, then you need to change what your doing a little bit! You need to run Super Sleep for only up to 3 cycles at one time so that you will encourage more REM sleep in the later parts of your sleep cycle. The way I do this is I load Super Sleep three times in one playlist and let it cycle through my playlist. It stops when done. If you are not sure how to do this on your particular device, do what I always do. Google it! Super Sleep helps you produce the natural brain-wave patterns of the delta sleep state and enjoy the benefits of totally refreshing, deeply restorative sleep.

Music To Help You Relax 

Journey Home ($19.95 value) is ideal for relaxing and can be played while resting or over speakers as background music. Simply put, it is music that includes Hemi-Sync® binaural beats sound technologies to benefit the listener. Music and Hemi-Sync® transport you to a place of deep relaxation. Most find this piece by Micah Sadigh comforting. Created and performed completely on analog and digital synthesizers, this selection will leave you with a profound sense of inner calm.

To Help You Relieve Stress 

Transforming Life’s Challenges ($19.95 value) This is a good exercise to use when you are dealing with a challenging situation, whether physical, mental or emotional.

This exercise focuses on health and vitality by helping individuals to reconnect with their life force. It can help release emotions and invoke the idea that thinking loving thoughts can also aid in the healing process. The premise is that by turning our attention to love and gratitude people are more likely to heal and to be able to handle current and future challenges.

This exercise also uses affirmations and an “encoding” to help individuals throughout the day even after they have finished listening to the exercise.

The encoding is: “Cancel, cancel.” 

From the exercise transcript: “All you need do is inhale and remember the life sustaining energy in the air that you take in. Hold your breath and say in your mind: ‘Cancel, cancel.’ Then exhale. When you do this all the energy that is contained in the unsupportive thought and information will be replaced with the positive energy of love and support.”

The more a function or encoding is used the easier and more effective it becomes.

The exercise does not return one to a wakeful state. It is a great exercise to use when needing to rest or sleep.


Equipment Needs: There are numerous ways to play the CDs and/or MP3 files. It can be as simple as playing it on a CD player. Most people like to download the CD and/or the MP3 file to an iPod, MP3 player, tablet, computer or their smart phone.

It is also recommended to use headphones to listen to the exercises, especially in the beginning except for the sleep CDs/MP3 files. The headphones do not have to be expensive or sophisicated. Earbuds can work just as well. Some people like to use noise cancelling headsets to help block out external noise. If someone is using the technology for sleep enhancement or when they are lying down, they might prefer to either purchase a headband with earbuds or make their own headband with earbuds. Pillows with earbuds are also available to help direct the sound to the right and left ear appropriately. There are others who will put speakers on either side of their bed or head for the same impact.

If you are downloading a file to iTunes or similar media player, you need to make sure you have the correct settings to maintain the integrity of the file.

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