Rise & Shine Morning Meditation with Samvit Sound® Technology

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Enhanced with Samvit Sound™ binaural beat technology! Want to start every day the right way? This guided meditation is for you! Purchase includes two versions. One full-length meditation and another shorter version for when time is limited.

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Rise & Shine Morning Meditation

We have created an exercise that will help you take your life to a whole new level. Make this a must-do every morning. This exercise contains affirmations about your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Why would doing this help you?

Because regularly using affirmations works! There is science behind it including evidence-based research that indicates the brain can be altered on a cellular level. Joe Dispenza, D.C., one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? said: “Thoughts make a chemical. If you have happy thoughts, then you’re producing chemicals that make you feel happy. Negative, angry thoughts and fearful thoughts also produce chemicals to make you feel how you’re thinking.”

If you review the EEG of someone who worries a lot they tend to have more frontal lobe activity than someone who does not. Put in another way, what we think, which can be altered or impacted by the affirmations we tell ourselves, really matters. I loved how one blogger and personal trainer, Sam Page put it: “In other words: brain cells that “fire together, wire together” And the more you feel a certain way, the more these nerve cells develop a long-term relationship.”

There’s still a lot to learn about neuroplasticity, but these are exciting times!

Neuroplasticity defined:

The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections which allow the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about the volumes of research that support the benefits of relaxation.

This exercise provides a two-prong approach …

  1. You will expense a state of deep relaxation similar to the sleep state, but your mind will be aware and alert.
  2. You will hear affirmations that will start your day in a positive manner while helping be directed more positively to your outer world.

How do you start?

  1. You download the Morning Exercise (or purchase the CD, if you prefer).
  2. Set your clock back 20 minutes than you normally awake, if your schedule demands it. Or, extend your wake-up time to be 20 minutes later.
  3. Put on headsets or earbuds and listen to the exercise. Prepare the night before so that when you do start the exercise it will require very little effort. It is best if you are still closer to a sleep state.

After completing this exercise, you should find that it is easier to wake up. The combination of frequencies help you deeply relax and then at the conclusion of the exercise, you will be guided comfortably to a waking state of awareness.

Other ways to empower yourself for the day:

  1. Be a list writer. Create your list (or review it) before going to bed.
  2. Set a specific time to begin your tasks or activities for the day.
  3. Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. If you find yourself worrying, fretting, being angry, impatient or frustrated redirect your thoughts. Become very aware of your self-talk, especially if you are unkind to yourself about your performance, looks or smarts.

What is Samvit Sound Technology?

A combination of brainwave entrainment technologies: binaural beats and monaural beats.

How Does it Work?

The lowest frequency that you can hear is about 20Hz, yet some of
 the most powerful brainwave frequencies that you can experience are often much lower than this threshold. By listening to the brainwave entrainment embedded into the music, you “trick” your ears into hearing these otherwise inaccessible frequencies. As you listen to brainwave entrainment frequencies, your brain follows the sound patterns and creates the corresponding brainwave frequencies in a natural process called “entrainment.” Once your brain entrains to the binaural beat frequency, you are enhancing your own natural abilities by directly influencing the behavior of your mind, body and spirit.

What are the Benefits?

When combined, these brainwave entrainment techniques can powerfully alter your mood, behavior and your ability to focus and concentrate. As you listen to the brainwave entrainment techniques found in my music, your brain will follow the sound patterns and then recreate the desired brainwaves in a process called the “frequency following response.”




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