Savasana Escape with Samvit Sound® Technology

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Enhanced with Samvit Sound™ binaural beat technology! A complimentary soundscape for yoga, specifically to be played during the Savasana pose.

Listen to a sample:


Savasana Escape

Featured award winning multi-instrumentalist and composer Tommy Gravino created flute compositions designed to promote deep relaxation for listeners, specifically designed to be played during the Savasana pose at the end of Yoga sessions.


The inspiration for this composition came from requests for Tommy to play his flute during Savasana at local yoga studios in Rochester, New York. A mutual friend introduced us to Tommy and well, we could not stop thinking about how magical it would be to add binaural beats to his music. This offering is our first collaboration. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Tommy has performed in forty states, Canada, Great Britain and South Africa. He has performed in warm-up bands for Journey, Kansas, Brian Setzer and other notable acts. He performed in Las Vegas for a number of years and locally with bands such as The Dukes, The Convertibles and Hollywood Al & The Mix. His first solo CD was A Flute’s Dream and he is currently in production for his seventh solo CD.

Samvit Sound™
production of Samvit Wellness

What is Samvit Sound Technology?

A combination of brainwave entrainment technologies: binaural beats and monaural beats.

How Does it Work?

The lowest frequency that you can hear is about 20Hz, yet some of
 the most powerful brainwave frequencies that you can experience are often much lower than this threshold. By listening to the brainwave entrainment embedded into the music, you “trick” your ears into hearing these otherwise inaccessible frequencies. As you listen to brainwave entrainment frequencies, your brain follows the sound patterns and creates the corresponding brainwave frequencies in a natural process called “entrainment.” Once your brain entrains to the binaural beat frequency, you are enhancing your own natural abilities by directly influencing the behavior of your mind, body and spirit.

What are the Benefits?

When combined, these brainwave entrainment techniques can powerfully alter your mood, behavior and your ability to focus and concentrate. As you listen to the brainwave entrainment techniques found in my music, your brain will follow the sound patterns and then recreate the desired brainwaves in a process called the “frequency following response.”


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