Wild Dolphins, Clear Blue Warm Water and Hemi-Sync®! Who could ask for more?

From the day I first showed up at The Monroe Institute (TMI), I already was a big fan of all things Hemi-Sync®.

Nancy Penn Center at The Monroe Institute

I completed the at-home Gateway course after reading the book about Robert Monroe (The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer).

Before I experienced the final exercise in the Gateway Experience® series, I just knew I had to go to Virginia. The urge persisted so strongly that I defied all reason and signed up for a Gateway program at TMI. I showed up within one month of completing the at-home program.

I never looked back. And making that choice opened me up to so much more than I had ever experienced before.

One example, I had the opportunity to join Pam Boyer and Matthew Joyce on a TMI Excursion workshop offered in Bimini Bahamas in 2011. They needed help with the teenagers and asked me to join them. Of course, I said: “Yes!”

TMI Outreach Facilitators Pam and Matthew were the first to combine a dolphin experience with binaural beats.

The results: Magic.

During the day we swam with wild dolphins and in the morning and early evenings, we added Hemi-Sync.

Swimming with wild dolphins in the wildPutting the two together made perfect sense because when you’re in the water with dolphins you’re immersed in special energy they send out through sonic vibrations used to perceive their environment. These high frequency sound waves travel through your body like medical ultrasound, affecting your mood, physical wellbeing and consciousness.

The leading thinking is sound waves cause your mind and body to synchronize with the dolphin’s natural frequencies just like your brainwaves synchronize with Hemi-Sync. That’s what makes the pairing, in my opinion, powerful. Being in the presence of dolphins provides an opportunity for your consciousness to shift as you attune to higher frequencies.

When you swim with dolphins you feel a sense of intimate connection as you relax into a light-hearted joy that many people describe as mystical or even magical. The feeling is ecstatic, healing, and, dare we say it, potentially addicting.

Now I am approaching my sixth trip. Although, the way we use Hemi-Sync in the program has changed over the course of time, it is still a vital part of what is offered during our week. We give each participant an iPod to use all week that is loaded with Hemi-Sync exercises and Metamusic (music combining binaural beats). Several of the exercises are paired to enhance the manifesting program Kathleen Livingston offers during the trip. Participants are encouraged to listen to Hemi-Sync throughout the week for relaxation, during sleep and while participating in the workshop.

The feedback is always great and the week is fun-filled with plenty of hours on the water to snorkel and swim with dolphins.

It is my opinion Hemi-Sync helps you take with you the experience and feeling of being with the wild dolphins in the crystal clear waters of Bimini. Yep, it’s magic!

Waters of Bimini, Bahamas

snorkeling in Bimini Bahamas

Wildquest boat


Allyn Evans