Your Success Stories Make Us Happy!

Dear Dr. Dailey,

I recently attended your session at Verde Valley Medical Center, Sedona, Arizona. I wanted to thank you for your fascinating talk and the hands-on session afterwards. It was very inspiring to see a practicing physician who believes in and uses alternative healing methods. Both you and your wife have such compassionate spirits, it was a pleasure to learn from you. I look forward to your next visit to our beautiful area; I hope it is soon. By the way, I saw the one gentleman who had bad knee problems that you worked on. I just saw him at the local farmer’s market and he said he has had no more pain since the session!!! How wonderful! I have also purchased several Hemi-Sync cds from Mary and Ed. I just love them! I hope to see you and your wife here again soon.

Cindy Gregory

I spent three days at the workshop with Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin in Webster and it was Incredible for me! The people that attended were wonderful. I received First Degree and Second Degree “Reiki/Hemi-Sync Therapist” Certificates, and these looks into Healing Therapies has some incredibly interesting views.  The classes were from 8:30 to 5pm each day but were broken into segments of  Hemi-sync sessions, Reiki Sessions, Lunches (all were excellent), and the power point presentations were very interesting as well as Brian’s personal stories of Healing Sessions. We  eviewed and went over Crystals, Frequency exploration and Reiki methods and applications. I have done Hemi-Sync explorations in the past but not in relation to Reiki and the time (in my  opinion) was well spent! Anyone delving into “Alternative Medicine” would  walk away with some new and engaging experiences- I would imagine. The location is perfect for the class Gary Snyder!! Reiki Master

If you ever have the opportunity to take a Hemi-Sync course with Drs. Dailey and Sorin, don’t let it pass you by! The hospice program they led was exceptionally informative and transformational. Brian and Sergey are excellent teachers and guides, bringing their extensive learning and training to a field of healing and caring that broadens one’s perspectives, and expands one’s horizons, on what we as mere mortals are capable of accomplishing. They both are men of humility and grace, and they are gifted in revealing the phenomenal potential for life-enhancing energy that lies within all of us.

Chris Baker, MDiv

Palliative Consult Service, Rochester General Hospital