If you couldn’t take any other supplement, take Vitamin D. It’s that important to your health and wellbeing.


Apparently, vitamin D is important enough for our bodies to make it for us.

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. It is also important for other reasons. It modulates our immune system as well as the neuromuscular functions.

How do we get it?

The truth is it is highly unlikely that we are out in the sun enough to get all we require. We need at least 45 minutes to make 1,000 units of vitamin D under the best circumstances. We get less in polluted areas and higher latitudes depending on where we live. And, if the air is cooler, it takes even longer exposure to gain the same benefit. On top of that, sunscreen blocks what helps us make D3. And if you are over 50, your skin is less able to make it. Then there can be physical reasons why our body might decrease our reserves or hamper our ability to absorb vitamin D such as: kidney, liver and intestinal deficiencies.

How do you know you have a vitamin D deficiency?

The answer: More than likely you do. Most people do.

What are symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

Weak immune system
Aches and pains, especially of bones
Sweaty head
Low energy
Loss of vision
Mood fluctuations-depression, anxiety, irritability
Low energy
Memory problems
Most heart problems

Deficiencies have also been linked to weight gain.

Remember, just because you don’t have symptoms, doesn’t mean you are not deficient. The symptoms are where you could be headed if you don’t pay attention to what your body requires.

How much do I need?

What we recommend at the International Institute of Holistic Medicine (IIOHM) is:

Minimum of 1000 units per day for children
Minimum of 2000 units per day for adults

We actually believe that the recommended dosage needs to be a little higher. Our typical prescription is 5,000 units per day or 50,000 units per 10 days. If you weigh over 150 pounds, you can take 50,000 units every seven days.

We also believe you can lower blood pressure without all those medications. Be sure to read it!


Dr. Sergey Sorin
Sergey Sorin, MD, healer, educator and author began his career in traditional medicine studying the fields of Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Currently, Dr. Sorin serves as President of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, Medical Director of the International Institute of Holistic Health and is CEO and co-founder of Samvit Wellness. He earned his degree from SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn School of Medicine. After a life-altering diagnosis of colon cancer in 2007, Dr. Sorin began to apply his knowledge of the mind, body and spirit and has since published two books on the topic. Dr. Sorin is especially interested in education and teaching and has been involved in the training of physicians and other health care providers in the academic setting as well as in the community including being an instructor through the American Heart Association.

Author of two books and founder of Power Principle, a Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment for Self Awareness and Manifestation.

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