Over 85 percent of chronic illness and poor health has to do with underlying stress.

We all experience situations in our life, whether good or bad, that cause us stress. Our personal stress is triggered by our reaction to circumstances and events. When stressed the body releases chemicals into the blood.

From this, we can feel stronger, which is great if a tiger is chasing us. But, if we are standing up in front of an audience of people and we are stressed by this we have no release for this physical change.

Stress can come in several forms. At the International Institute of Holistic Medicine (IIOHM), we focus on the most common categories: psychological, physical and environmental.

Why do we need to care?

Over 85 percent of chronic illness and poor health has to do with underlying stress.

The common way that conventional medicine treats stress is by chasing the tail end of the stress response. Not only that, it is typical to use a band-aid approach, which tends to only maintain chronic illness. The standard practice is to prescribe drugs and perform surgery. In some cases, this is the best solution for an individual. In many situations, it is necessary to treat the immediate symptoms in conventional ways. But, we also believe it is imperative to address the primary cause underlying the cause of the dis-ease.

Solutions to the problem …

At IIOHM, we specialize in managing stress and stress related conditions. Although, we do address the manifestation of chronic stress, we put just as much attention, if not more, on isolating and addressing the root cause. It is our focus to help the person come back from dis-ease to natural ease.

We must not forget that the human body is naturally designed to be in balance.  When working with the whole person, which is the intention of a practitioner who takes a holistic approach to healing, it is more likely that a person can improve, and in some cases, completely reverse a condition.

We have found that a regular practice of self-regulation or rather, practicing and maintaining an inner balance, can be an inoculation to stress. If one makes self regulation a regular practice, a healthy individual can bounce back from a stressful situation without too many issues.

We (at IIOHM) have many tools we recommend to help people reduce stress. This program is composed of a complete self regulation system that has proven most successful for 1,000s of patients.




Dr. Sergey Sorin
Sergey Sorin, MD, healer, educator and author began his career in traditional medicine studying the fields of Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Currently, Dr. Sorin serves as President of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, Medical Director of the International Institute of Holistic Health and is CEO and co-founder of Samvit Wellness. He earned his degree from SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn School of Medicine. After a life-altering diagnosis of colon cancer in 2007, Dr. Sorin began to apply his knowledge of the mind, body and spirit and has since published two books on the topic. Dr. Sorin is especially interested in education and teaching and has been involved in the training of physicians and other health care providers in the academic setting as well as in the community including being an instructor through the American Heart Association.

Author of two books and founder of Power Principle, a Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment for Self Awareness and Manifestation.

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